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CW’s Batwoman: Finale Offers Mighty Twists And Revelation!!

CW’s famous show, Batwoman, had to end its season earlier than planned. However, it served up some major twists and one wild revelation with its freshman finale.

A Quick Update

In the name of neutralizing a hometown football hero who had become a victim due to falsified brain scans. And became a machetes-swinging brute immune to pain, Batwoman suggests Commander Kane that they combine the forces.

However, after doing so, as the lights popped back on at a blacked-out football stadium, Batwoman realized that the Crows had now surrounded her. And then they attempted to riddle her with bullets. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Knight managed to grapple away to safety.

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Furthermore, upon learning that the only known bit of Batsuit-defeating kryptonite had been left with the late Lucius Fox and seemed irretrievable, Mouse asks Alice to move on. Further, leave town with him. Alice agrees and goes on to ceremonially burned her Alice in Wonderland book.

However, in actuality, poisoned Mouse, tearfully choosing her vendetta over her brother. Alice later gifted Tommy with a face that was not so much “new” but quite familiar. And in that, he looks precisely like Gotham’s favourite hero, the MIA Bruce Wayne!

The Interview

Meanwhile, TVLine spoke with Batwoman showrunner about the thrilling cliffhanger and much more. It was commented that it feels like we just watched a major turning point for Alice. A line had been crossed.

To which the showrunner replied that yes, it has. Mouse gave her a very clear ultimatum, and Alice from five episodes back may have made a different decision. However, when she has vengeance in her sights, nothing is stopping her.

Well, are you a fan of the beloved series? What is your take in the finale? What do you think? Let us know. If you still haven’t seen it, catch it now!!

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