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Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Sun Stars Saved Their Relationship, How Did They Manage To Survive Everything?!

We have always wondered how did the power couple survive all the hurdles? Maybe that’s the reason Beyoncé and Jay-Z are known as the power couple. Well, there’s something in their sun stars that saved their relationship. What is it? Read on to find out.

They were meant to be together!!!

We know what the couple has gone through. Their love story started well, with the Queen falling in love for the King, and everything was so lovely. However, it seems the stars wanted some fun and hence interfered in their relationship.

There were rumours that Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé. While fans were wondering why did this happen, both of them remained silent. However, they couldn’t remain silent in their songs. While Beyoncé poured her heart out in Lemonade, Jay-Z responded with 4:44.

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But in the end, they stayed together, even after it was confirmed that the rapper was cheating on the Queen. How did they remain together? While the stars interfere, they also solved it. Beyoncé’s Virgo was meant to watch out for Jay-Z’s Sagittarius and vice-versa. According to their birth charts, the sun star of Jay-Z is almost 90 degrees apart from Beyoncé’s sun star, as Rachel Lang says.

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Though they are apart, it creates a secure connection between them and hence keeps them together. Though they might have hurdles, might piss each other, but they sure know how to make things work.

Challenging Nature Of the Stars

Both stars are known to be challenging in every field. They like to be in control. So, Saturn challenges them from time to time to test their patience and knowledge.

The planet not only challenges the couple but even teaches them about commitment and stability. The couple is known to have been through power therapy to make things work, which clearly shows their commitment towards each other.

However, the couple has proved that whatever come may, they would stand strong together.

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