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The Coronavirus Pandemic Definitely Ended One Controversy {Finall Justifications Out}

The “Joker” Controversy Seems To Have Faded Away Amidst The Coronavirus Crisis 

The Coronavirus has caused global unrest and has sparked many controversies. However, there’s one particular internet war that the crisis has brought an end to and to be honest? We are kind of glad.

Following the release of “Joker” in 2019, people had expressed mixed feelings about the film. Some had praised the film and Joaquin Phoenix, for having done justice to the Franchise.

On the contrary, the other half of the audience have been quite critical about the film’s portrayal of Joker’s character and its social commentary. According to them, the film holds the potential to spark a revolution in society and could instigate public shootings.

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Hence some theaters, in the public interest, implemented additional security measures and hired armed guards. So, what if the internet war that had begun regarding the film? Does it continue? Find out here.

People Have Bigger Fish To Fry At The Moment, And There’s No Time To Ponder Over A Released Film

Yes, that’s the general outlook at the moment. The Coronavirus, along with itself, has brought several other social crises or, instead, has enabled them to resurface. The government has been making efforts, in their way, to bring situations under control.

Amidst such cacophony, the internet war over “Joker” has faded. We, however, are here to give you a recap and explain why we are glad that it’s its over.

Todd Philips’s “Joker” (2019) is an Oscar-nominated film, which earned Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020. Therein, the unrest began, when people felt their social security and peace is under a potential threat, stemming from the film’s violent nature. People even criticized Phoenix’s speech during the Oscars.

Nevertheless, there’s always a group that are indifferent to such controversies. Martin Scorcese, for example, revealed that he didnt care much for “Joker.”

He said,

“I saw clips of it. I know it. So it’s like, why do I need to? I get it. It’s fine.”

He hasn’t watched the film, and we suggest you do the same if need be. Or watch it, we are fine either way.

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