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“Humpday” Director And Independent Filmmaker Lynn Shelton, Dies at 54 {The Reason To The Death Leaked}

The influential director who filmed Humpday, Your Sister’s Sister, and Sword of Trust has passed away from a blood disorder. The independent filmmaker Lynn Shelton has died as confirmed by reports.

Independent Filmmaker Lynn Shelton Dead at 54 | Pitchfork

She made the genre Mumblecore famous…

Lynn, who was just 54 years old. The indie filmmaker who popularised the mumblecore genre with her works such as Humpday was pronounced dead on Friday.

Shelton was well known for her naturalistic and an understated approach to comedy and drama. Her low budget films were hits with the Sundance crowd.

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But the main catalyst for her outreaching work can be credited to her works on television. Her episodes of The Mindy Project Mad Men and glow and Fresh of the boat. She even directed the recent Hulu series, Little Fries, Everywhere, an adaptation of Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller. The series starred Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington.

Seattle-based filmmaker, television director Lynn Shelton dies at ...

Shelton’s career began as an editor. She later moved on to make experimental short films. Her debut as a director dates back to 2006’s We Go Way Back. It was a story of a 23-year-old actress who is haunted by the spectre of her thirteen-year-old self.

The film even won an award at Slamdance, but the public less recognized it. It gained popularity only after a release which Shelton made after she becomes more established.

She wanted her movies to be quick and thought-provoking and funny…

It was Humpday the movie about two straight men set out to make an amateur gay porn. It put Shelton on the map. The movie was a buzzy breakout when it released at the Sundance Film festival.

The movie even won a Special Jury Prize for the spirit of independence. And also won Shelton a distribution deal from Magnolia Pictures. With critics all over the world embracing the movie.

Even after many Hollywood calls Shelton stayed cleared of big movie projects. She preferred to make quicker and freewheeling, thought to provoke movies. At one time she was approached about directing Black Widow.

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