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Epic Spider-Verse Crossover Expected: Are Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, And Tom Holland Coming Together?

The “SpiderMan” from Sony has no doubt etched a special place in the heart of every cinematic fan out there. The movie has kept us entertaining for ages. Time and again fans come out with curious theories and concepts regarding the film.

Some might prove to be right sometimes. One such fan theories of the epic Spider-Man crossover may finally prove to be true. Just think about Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all portraying their characters in the famous red suit. What a treat to eyes it would be.

Can We Expect An Avengers Level Cross Over?:

To date, Sony has not made any confirmation regarding the same. But, that does not rule out the possibilities of the crossover. We have few concepts within that suggest towards the crossover. As per the recent reports we have Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse in the pipeline.

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This outing is supposed to be revolving around the alleged multiverse. So, the crossover seems to be evident at this point. And true to say we can numerous y expect an avengers level crossover.

Moreover, numerous leaks suggest a post-credit scene from Into The Spiderverse is staged, which features the three actors together. But, Sony seems to have bid adieu to the idea of thinking it is very soon for the proceedings.

Some More Fan Theories:

Leaks from different sources even suggest a parallel dimension. The stark comparison to the Moribus featuring the Spider-Man suit with the murderer tag can’t also be denied. But, that might not be complete truth as it may refer to the end of Far From Home.

There are numerous questions to be answered and theories to be solved. Let us hope that Sony has some positive outcome soon. Whatever it may be but seeing our favourite stars all together is something worth waiting for.

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