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Will Smith And Joyner Lucas Dropped Their Jaw Dropping Rap Collab

The Audience Had Their Minds Blown Upon Will Smith’s Return As ‘The Fresh Prince’

Joyner Lucas, the 31-year-old American rapper. Blew his fans’ minds with his newest release ‘Will.’ The track was a tribute to his Hollywood idol Will Smith which released in March.

In the music video, you can see Joyner Lucas dressed up in different avatars of Will Smith. From ‘Aladin’ to ‘Fresh Prince Bel-Air’. The video featured Joyner Lucas dressed up as the characters that Will Smith played in the films.

The video has gained major popularity, both for Joyner’s incredible spitfire rapping. And him recreating all the Will Smith characters, from small to the big screen. Will Smith himself was immensely impressed by the single and posted a teaser on him Instagram, and thus Smith made his return to the rap world!

Will Smith Lent His Voice For ‘Will’ And Fans Are Going Insane

He posted a teaser of ‘Will’ on his Instagram account, revealing that the song releases on Friday. Following the post, Lucas released the full video on his YouTube channel.

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Will Smith had lent his voice for the music video and made a banging return to turn rap world, in which he was previously known as ‘The Fresh Prince.’ Will Smith proved his incredible rapping skills once again, and fans cannot contain their excitement.

‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ actor dropped his first record-breaking album ‘Lost and Found’ that earned him a Grammy Award. Smith took up rapping in 1985 as ‘The Fresh Prince.’

After more than 15 years, the actor once again took the world by the awe with his spitfire lyrics in ‘Will.’ Well, there’s no doubt as to why Joyner Lucas regards Will Smith as his idol.

Check out the bomb video below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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