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Will Alita Battle Angel 2 See The Light Of The Day?

Alita Battle Angel is a high octane sci-fi movie featuring a cyborg Alita. The film stars Christoph Waltz and computerized by Rosa Salazar. We see the young robot of no profound memory regarding her creation.

She is recovered by a doctor named Ido. She then sets out in the quest to decipher the secrets to her life. The first outing hit the right chords among the fans. And the fans are already eager for a second part.

But due two the recent merger of Disney and Fox, we guess it is up to Disney to decide. 

Will Alita Battle Angel 2 See The Light Of The Day?

Salazar Wants To Play Alita Till Her Last Breath:

Recently a petition got initiated asking the makers of the movie to come out with a second part soon. The petition received a remarkable response. Moreover, Salazar has recently said that she would love to play the character a lot more times. Director Rodriguez is also all set to return for a second one.

He also shares his experience by saying working with James Cameron is a great thing, and Salazar was also up to the mark. There are already high hopes for a second outing very soon.

More About The Movie:

Despite a lot of rumors, Disney has not given any positive response to date regarding the second outing. The movie was made with a budget of about $170 Million, and it came out to earn about $400 Million upon release.

Petition · Alita: Battle Angel Part 2 · Change.org

Moreover, the movie comprised of cliff hangers and clues that needs to be looked forward to in the next outing. The enigmatic character Nova also deserves more screen presence. There are also rumors about James Cameron ready with his trilogy to hit the mark very soon.

We can hope Disney to listen to the appeals of the fans and come out with a second season very soon. However, the current season is available now to watch.

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