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WATCH: Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer; Ops Did It Just Gave A Spoiler?!!

Stranger Things has created a sense of chaos on the internet. The creators are known for leaving the audience in cliff-hangers, thus creating more desperation in their hearts and minds. So, here are some of the updates that we know of the sci-fi series.

There is a trailer For Season 4!!

Yes, there is a trailer for the 4th season, and you should check it out. The trailer has revealed one of the most asked questions, “Is Hopper alive?”

In the trailer, we get to see that Hopper is in a Russian prison, which clearly states that he is alive. In the 3rd season, the Russian soldiers had mentioned “American,” and we all doubted it to be Hopper. If you are still questioning, then there is the official statement of The Duffer Brothers.

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The writers officially announced that the 4th season is on its way and that Hopper is alive. Though Hopper is going to face a lot of problems in the Russian prison, at least he is alive. The “American” is going to meet both humans and “others” during his stay in the Russian prison.


If this doesn’t excite you, then here is what Joe Kerry, aka Steve, has to say. “Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet, and we cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime- pray for the American,” quoted the actor, hinting that Hopper is in danger.

Season Four Release Date

Though there is no official release date for the 4th season, we have our guesses. The production had started back in March 2020, but the pandemic has put a halt to it.


However, Milly Bobby Brown, aka Eleven, gave us some updates. The actress stated that they would get back to filming once the pandemic is over. Moreover, she stated that the 4th season would revolve around the time of Chernobyl disaster

Moreover, the 4th season might be the last, as stated by Ross Duffer. But don’t be sad as the 4th season is going to divide into two parts.

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