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Look At All The Suitable Candidates Eligible To Become New Leaders After Avengers: Endgame

Of course, we need some more mighty heroes to save our world after the events of Avengers: Endgame. We’ve lost a few of our favorite heroes in the last battle. We need some new superheroes for the run.

Many heroes need to save the planet and universe, but the real deal is to find them. Moreover, it will take some time to see them as well.

The past had heroes like ironman and batman, but will be able to find people to match up to their level? Let’s find out. Read further to find out the heroes, we believe are the most suitable.

1. Falcon

Sam Wilson feels like the best candidate to lead the Avengers in the future. Although we still don’t know if his new Disney series will do him any justice with the original title of Captain America. But, we are sure of his capabilities. As he has worked with Steve Rogers, before joining the Avengers club. He’s level-headed and has also worked in the military.

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2. Captain Marvel

I believe Carol Danvers will be a great leader. Although, I don’t usually recommend the strongest hero of any universe to be the next leader. But, as for Carol, she has been familiar with the galaxy as well as she is a citizen of the Earth too. Also, some people in the galaxy can match her in power.

Captain Marvel (2019) - IMDb

3. Black Panther

T’challa has ruled Wakanda for a brief period already. So, he can do the same with the Avengers. Yes, he has indeed been inherited the throne, but he still has gained respect from the audience for how he earned his throne.

Thus, he will be competent to lead the battles with his strongest men. And, not to forget that Black Panther might not have any experience in being Avengers, but he has a vast knowledge of other candidates.

Black Panther (2018) - Best Scenes - YouTube

4. Dr. Strange

Stephen Stange is one of a few people in MCU who uses magic power and is familiar to the mystical world, making him the prominent leader. Also, his magic allows him to travel fast, and that sounds way too convenient for any leader.

However, Doctor Strange will fail to fill the intellectual void left by Iron Man. But, fortunately, his magic power will help him overcome this issue. Also, the team has Bruce Banner to look after the science things, so, Dr. Strange can quickly retire for once from his sciency world.

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5. Wasp 

Although she is very new to MCU and Avengers’ world, Hope Van Dyne has the potential to be the next great leader. Firstly, she is an amazing businesswoman. Secondly, she is the daughter of Hank Pym. What else do you need? Also, Hope Van Dyne becoming the leader, will be a positive response to the comic version.

Hope van Dyne | Marvel Cinematic Database | Fandom

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