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JUST IN Here Are The Latest Photos From The Set Of Avatar 2 Which Will Quench Your Thirst

Yes, we do have some photos from the sets of Avatar 2, which will give way to your curious minds. The movie is set to release in 2021, and fans are desperate to know about it. So, here are some of the updates that we have to go to know.

Underwater Shoot: Check!!

Recently, the official Twitter account for Avatar released some latest pictures of the cast. The pictures include the cast in an underwater shoot.

In the picture, we can see Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Cliff Curtis, and Kate Winslet in their underwater suits, all happy and cheerful. Kate Winslet is the new face in the Avatar family and will play the role of Ronal.

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The rest of the actors are going to reprise their characters. Cliff Curtis is going to have a lead role in this movie. We would see Zoe Saldana and Neytiri and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully as usual.

The post even stated that most of the shooting is done in the 900,000-gallon tank, which is quite surprising. James Cameron also said that Kate Winslet was excited about the role, and she held her breath for seven and half a minute during the training for the underwater shot.

Recent updates for Avatar 2

Coming to the updates, we do have some news. After a delay of 3 years, the production for Avatar 2 has finally started, but the pandemic paused it.

However, we do have some plot details as James Cameron has teased his fans with hints. The filmmaker stated that the movie will be standalone and will have “familial and imprisonment “ themes.


The story for Avatar 2 will revolve around the children of Sully and Neytiri, and there is an adventure. They are going to explore the Pandora forests, and as James Cameron says, the scenes will leave you awestruck. Though there are many fan-made trailers on the internet, the official trailer is yet to release. Till then, have patience.

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