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Disney Thrusts Copyright Claim As Club Penguin Online Shuts Down

The Club Penguin Online met its fateful end recently when it received a copyright claim from the Walt Disney. As per the sources, the club penguin fan servers got accused of propagating explicit content, including child pornography.

Club Penguin Online is the reincarnation of Popular Disney Children Social Network. The platform has allegedly accumulated around 8 million users around the past 2 years. However, after the recent scuffle, the admin stated that the site would seize to function after May 2020. The notice also read that Club Penguin Online is an unauthorized version of Club Penguin games and contains copyright content.

London Man Associated With Website Arrested!:

As per the sources, the platform had no regulation by any moderator and has repeatedly flooded with racist and antisemitic contents. A London man gets arrested recently in connection with possessing contents portraying child abuse. However, later the man got released on bail.

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Moreover, the alleged admin has also asked not to revive the game as it could land the individual in trouble.

Disney Says Child Saftey Is Top Priority!:

As per the sources, Disney has revealed that child safety is of top priority for them. They are well aware of the situation. They are taking note of the criminal activity that is taking place under the unofficial website impersonating Club Penguin brand.

As per the reports, Disney earlier started the game back in 2007 and shut it down in 2017 due to a drop in the number of users. But, after shut down, people began launching their version of the game.

Some unauthorized versions also emerged like Club Penguin Online and Club penguin Unwritten to let the fans continue to play the game. At this time, if pandemic, the old games are gaining their popularity too. And at the end Club penguin signed off thanking all the fans for the memorable journey.

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