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As Restless And Insane It Feels, Selena Gomez Tips Folks To Stay PUT

Selena Gomez is feeling the stress of quarantine, just like the rest of us, but she has some tips for staying calm.

In a new interview with some media sources, Selena reveals something’s about herself. ‘Wolves’ singer reveals that she is in quarantine with her grandparents and some of her friends at her home in Los Angeles.

Good Words For Everyone

“Like everybody else, I am feeling very restless and going through different feelings during this time,” she says. “Due to this reason, I think it’s important to stay informed and be aware of the latest news. At the same time, please take breaks from it because it can be overwhelming.”

Selena notes that “reading and listening to music have been a huge factor in keeping me calm,” as well as re-watching things from when she was younger for that comforting feeling of nostalgia, painting with watercolours, and trying out new recipes.

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Activities Selena Does At Home

As previously reported, Selena will be debuting a cooking show on HBO Max this summer, which she’s been filming while in quarantine. She’s also continuing to work on new music from home.

“Before the stay at a home ordinance, I was working in the studio,” she tells Puma. “I am constantly coming with some ideas for my sons. I am jotting down the lyrics in my journals. I am doing this because I don’t want to lose the feeling of inspiration.”

Selena Gomes tells everyone to be safe and take care of themselves. This is a challenging time; everyone’s mind is important.

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Everyone should keep yourself busy. Also, there is plenty of time so that one can learn something new.

Everyone, please be careful and take care of yourself. Stay tuned. We will keep updating you once we get new updates.

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