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2020-Netflix Cancelled Several Fan-Fav Series Which We Think Should Be Brought Back

Netflix Has Had To Cancel Several fan-favorite Series This Year, And Here’s Why

It’s no surprise that Netflix has discontinued many fan-favorite series for reasons which are both known and unknown. It is disheartening when a series, which is in the process of becoming something potentially incredible, is taken down. In 2020, many such series has been canceled after only one or two seasons.

Netflix has explained the reasons behind such a drastic decision. Firstly, there’s the Coronavirus crisis that continues across the globe. Cases of further infections are still being reported, and the global lockdown has been implemented for an indefinite period. Therefore, filming additional seasons is not plausible at the moment.

Secondly, some of the shows have had a significant conclusion in just one or two seasons, and extending them further would only increase the risks of reduced views. Nevertheless, here’s a list of Netflix series we think should be brought back.

Five Netflix Shows That Have Been Cancelled But Should Be Brought Back

Turn Up Charlie

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Turn Up Charlie is a Netflix drama featuring Idris Elba. The show was canceled just after season one since Idris Elba and Netflix weren’t on the same page regarding the future of the show. Fans have expressed their disappointment over the decision and want the show to be rebooted.


V Wars' &'October Faction' Canceled By Netflix After One Season ...

The vampiric thriller-drama series, starring Ian Somerhalder, had its plug pulled in early 2020. The creator Jonathan Maberry tweeted saying,

“So, I guess the bad news is already out. #vwars…We’re all finding out via the news story.” Fans want the show to be picked up again. To be honest, so do we.


The religious thriller ‘Messiah’ had sparked controversies across regions. Actor Will Travel had made an Instagram post, expressing his disappointment over the cancellation of the show after a single season. According to Netflix, however, since the show demands to film in different locations and with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it had to be dropped. However, fans want the show to be rebooted after the crisis fades.

Anne With An E

Fans were digging the series, based on the novel “Anne of Green Gables,” featuring an orphan girl named Anne, who finds herself a home and a family in Green Gables. The show has been discontinued after the third season, but fans are demanding a reboot.


The show which premiered in late 2019 was shelved early. The creators had confirmed that the the dark comedy wont be renewed for season 2. The co-creator Aaron Coleite released a statement saying,

“I don’t even know how to say this, so we prepared a small statement. Love you all. Thank you!”

The tweet confirmed that the show will not be returning.

Tell us in the comments what other shows you think should be rebooted.

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