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‘The Flash’ Season 7 Is Coming Soon! Will Ralph And Sue Get Married In The New Season?! {Lets See What The Experts Say}

The Flash’ Season 7 Is Returning Soon, And Ralph And Sue Might Just Get Married, Like In The Comics!

By midseason 6, we could see a potential romance brewing between the two. Upon their first encounter, Ralph had looked at Sue in a way as if she enchanted him, and there has been quite a lot of flirting between the two.

Sue Dearborn, the famous DC character, was first introduced in ‘A Girl Named Sue,’ where she was on a mission to destroy a black hole. However, the Arrowverse version of Sue’s character is quite contrary to what we had imagined.

According to the comics, Ralph was supposed to meet Sue and realize immediately that she’s the woman he has loved, well, his idea of her and the two would go on to become a super couple.

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However, in season 6, episode 19, Sue is seen joining Carver when Ralph steps in and asks her not to join forces. Sue then goes on to help Team Flash in defeating Ultraviolet, Sunshine, and Doctor Light. Now that Sue already agrees to Ralph’s suggestions, will they get married too, like in the comics? Find out about the possibilities.

Ralph And Sue In The Flash Season 7: Will They Get Married?

The potential romance brewing between the two is quite visibly obvious. Sue smites ralph, and flirty one-liners have already been raining. Fans are more than eager to see the two in a relationship.

In the comics, the two fall in love and get married and thus become the supercouple in the DC universe. So we are guessing that the marriage of Sue and Ralph will possibly be the highlight of season 7.

Natalie Dreyfuss plays the character of Sue Dearborn, and Hartley Sawyer plays Ralph Dibny. Stay tuned for more updates.

Flash season 7 is expected to release on October 6th, 2020.

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