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Catherine Will Be Seizing The Throne Of Russia From Her Newly Wed Husband

Catherine And The Emperor Of Russia Are Married, But Catherine Plans To Take Him Down Already!

‘The Great’ is an anti-historic comedy series that first released on15th May 2020 on Hulu. The plot takes us through the 18th century Russia and the rise of Catherine(not related to Catherine the great).

The show has released only two episodes, which are quite fast-paced. The series is a comic representation of 18th century Russia and the social standards and lifestyle of the people.

It has no associations with the historical rise of Catherine the great, but that’s probably why the show is so well received and frequently streamed. So what is the plot of the up and coming series? Find out here

Catherine And The Monarch, Peter, Are Married, But They Are Not On The Same Page

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Created by Tony McNamara, the series features Catherine, a simpleton from a peasant family arrives in Russia to accept her arranged marriage with King Peter. Peter is, however, an insolent brat who is cruel to his people. He is everything that she stands against.

Soon after her wedding, the life she had envisioned for herself as the wife of a monarch is shattered. She finds the norms of the royalty depraved, backward, and dangerous. She also feels chained to a man whom she just can’t seem to understand.

Soon, Catherine finds herself on the brink of suicide, and that is when her favorite servant Marial steps in. She instills in Catherine the prospect of overthrowing her husband, the monarch.

The story is entirely independent of the history of Catherine’s rule over Russia, which had been so successful that it was called the Golden era of Russia.

The cast features Elle Fanning as Catherine, Nicholas Hoult, as Peter, Phoebe Fox as Marial. The other actors featured are  Lewis Hynes, Charity Wakefield, Adam Godley, and several others.

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