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Top Online Movie Makers


The need for an online movie maker is not something that bothers only a professional video maker. In the present demand for content and creation, anyone and everyone might need to create a video. Videos have become among the excellent means of communication. If you want to engage your audience in a gripping way, a long-form article or a set of images cannot be enough. 

Nonetheless, movie-making can surely look like a daunting task to many. But that is just a misconception! There are a plethora of tools that can help you make an excellent video which can express as well as impress. Here we will provide you a list of online video makers that you must try for some excellent features. 

Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark has been very popular for being a great solution to create quality media formats. This online platform can help you design social media posts, web pages, as well as videos. Moreover, it has a smooth user interface that is very easy to use for beginners as well as professionals. You can use it on your desktop or your mobile phone. There is a large collection of images that you can access from Google Photos, Dropbox, or Adobe Creative Cloud. 

You can make polished, attractive layouts with amazing font design and well-chosen color schemes. Adobe Spark is very versatile as it can access various websites and social media platforms. Beginners can opt for the free version. Upgrading to premium versions will remove the watermark and may give few more benefits to the platform. 


Animoto is an excellent online movie maker to create videos for numerous platforms. You may be a professional photographer or a business owner or teacher with varying demands from your video. Animoto contains a variety of templates for all types of users. There are also hundreds of musical tracks that you can use and an array of custom colors. The stock image library is also an impressive collection with rich content. 

The interface is smooth, where the user can apply the drag-and-drop method to create the content on the storyboard. Anyone with no editing skills can use it. The quality of the video produced is sharp and detailed, with no glitches. Everyone can use the free plan, but it comes with a watermark. The priced subscription can be expensive for some, but it does give you a lot of benefits. 


If you want to create a video in little to no time, Biteable can be an excellent solution. The online video maker has boasted itself to be the “World’s Simplest Video Maker.” If you don’t know how to create a video, the drag and drop features allow for smooth and hassle-free editing.  

You can choose the template that you need from the range of options. You can choose to add images and royalty-free music from their amazing library. The processing of the video is fast, and the quality of the video is also excellent. The platform allows for direct sharing to social media websites like YouTube and Twitter. The annual paid plan can get you several extra benefits over the free plan. 


If you are an educator trying to reach out to your students, WeVideo can be a smart solution. It is made to be an excellent online platform to share 3videos and learn in an engaging manner. Not only teachers but students can also use it. Thousands of schools in the USA have incorporated this amazing platform for enhanced learning. WeVideo can also work wonderfully for large businesses and organizations. 

You can use WeVideo on your laptop or your smartphone. The huge stock library provides thousands of images and music. The free version is, however, has limited options. You can add a variety of transitions and overlays to make your video interesting. There is a range of pricing plans available depending on your needs. 


ClipChamp is an easy-to-use online video editing software that provides fast processing to create videos in different formats. You can create videos in GIF, WMV, MP4, and WebM formats. There is no need for any downloads in your system. You can directly register and start using the platform. ClipChamp provides quality video services, and the interface is super-smooth for all types of users. 

While the platform does lack a few complex editing features, exporting capacity, and stock assets, it is a great product with its efficient affordability. It can work only in your browser with the best compatibility with Google Chrome. There is no hassle of watermarks, and a decent video can be created in minutes. You can use it as an intro or outro maker or create short infographics.


If you need a free online movie-maker with quirky template ideas, great storytelling capacity, and interactive features, Flyr can be a great platform to explore. It is powered by cloud sharing and artificial intelligence, creating an intuitive and smart user interface. Flyr can optimize your videos and the information in it by using customizations and real-time editing. 

The best part of the platform is that it is very easy to use. You can easily export your content to different formats. You can use the promotional features and add hyperlinks to any media. AI does a great task of assessing your task and adding better quality to it. 


VideoCreek is an easy-to-use smart online editor that allows for quality video making in minimum time. There are thousands of templates that you can apply in your video. You can also add elements like stickers and vector shapes to create an attractive overlay. It also provides millions of clip arts and videos for the user, and the benefits get better with the priced plan. 

You can get high-resolution videos and directly share it on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The customization options are brilliant, especially if you are a growing brand. The reasonable pricing plan with so many inventive features makes VideoCreek a great online video maker to explore. Visit their website.


Video-making is a creative process that one should enjoy. With an extensive range of tools, it is easier than ever. Explore these platforms and create some excellent content to impress viewers! 


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