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The Flash Adds An Old-New Member Savitar, Will Barry Allen Attain The Ultimate Velocity?!

We have good news for the die-hard fans of the hit series called The Flash. As per the sources, The Flash Season 7 will be focused on the comics-accurate version of the villain Savitar.

The villain Savitar was introduced to the series back in Season 3, but nothing more was done about it. As it didn’t kind of fit in with the storyline apart from being evil. The series is available to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Who Is The Villain Savitar? 

Savitar (Arrowverse) | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Villain Savitar first came in The Flash in December 1995. He was a test-pilot for a third-world nation when the Cold War was on peak. In that episode, it was shown that his supersonic jet was hit by lightning which gave him the Speed Force. After that, he took his name from a Hindu God.

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After he got connected to the Speed Force, he got the energy to drain energy from other resources like power objects.

How Is Villain Savitar Different From Other Speedsters? 

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In The Flash Season 6, episode “Pay The Piper” was a build-up for the Godspeed characters who were further connected to Savitar. We also saw that the team Flash met the other four speedsters who weren’t the Godspeed.

They didn’t have their energy and intelligence and spoke in electronic beeps. And a fifth one was introduced in the episode who became The Flash’s powers. He also sent Barry Allen to get the ultimate velocity. When this would merge with Godspeed, it would display a power which has never been seen and used before.

However, it is not very clear if Godspeed will be the same as the comic-book character Savitar or one of the enemies of Team Flash who was brought back to life. But one thing clear for sure is that Barry Allen will have a tough time facing some new enemies in The Flash Season 7.

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