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Super-Model, Gigi Hadid Have Recently Discussed Her Pregnancy On Instagram For The Very First Time

Gigi Hadid has subtly shared photos of her gender reveal party for her fans on Instagram. She even told that her baby’s gender or so some of the fans have believed. Shortly after multiple outlets, it has been said that Gigi is pregnant with her first child.

This all happened with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. The fans started piecing together baby hints in the birthday party shots that she and Bella Posted.

Posting Good News

Hadid referred to her pregnancy news on her Instagram account for the first time on Sunday. She posted this good news with a sweet Mother’s Day post for her mom, Yolanda Hadid.

She was posting a cute childhood photo of herself with her mom being pregnant with her youngest child, Anwar. On this, Gigi said that she hoped to parent her child just like how her mom parented her.

She said that this is the best that she could ask for. Gigi captioned the photo by saying, ‘ Happy Mother’s Day to the one I Will best to emulate.’ She said that she loved her mom, even beyond her words could also define it. Her mom is a super-hero, and that is how she mentioned how she felt about her mom.

‘Hello Little One’

In a story of her, she was seen carrying a baby shark bag. With that, she placed a sunflower emoji over a gift bag. And that bag also said ‘hello little one,’ this shows that she is eagerly waiting for her first child.

The fans believe that Gigi may have been carrying in one of the birthday photos that she posted. This is because she was finding out the gender of her baby, and not just she was emotional over the cake.

Gigi was seen describing her 25th Birthday as this was the one that she will never forget. Now, the super-model is twenty weeks pregnant.

Some of the sources revealed that her family and friends knew about her pregnancy. She had kept this whole thing close to her family and friends, which made her feel secure.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik

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