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Did Pop Smoke Commit Suicide Or Was He Murdered?!

Internet Theories About Pop Smoke’s Death Creating Further Confusion Around The Case

The topic of Pop Smoke’s death keeps getting more confusing. Back in February, the star was found dead in his rented apartment in Hollywood Hills. The up and coming musician was at the forefront of the Brooklyn drill movement.

He had been actively paving the way for the movement with hits like ‘Welcome To The Party” and “Dior.” Less than two weeks before his death, he released his second mixtapes titled Meet The Woo 2.

The causes behind the death of a the20-year-old artist is still under investigation by the Los Angeles police. However, internet sleuths have contributed and come up with some theories that escalate the confusion around the case. Here’s what they think.

Fans And Sleuths Have A Theory That Pop Smoke Was Killed!

According to them, on Wednesday, February 19th, four hooded individuals were spotted near Pop Smoke’s Hollywood Hill house, one with a gun. They were located entering Pop Smoke’s place where they presumably shot the star fatally and then escaped the scene of the crime. This supposedly happened around 4.30 in the morning. Pop Smoke was taken to a hospital shortly after, where he died.

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Pop Smoke’s friends then called the police, informing that their friend had been shot. There were several other people in the house, but only Pop Smoke had been shot. The gun bearer had possibly only found Pop Smoke on the spot. All the other residents were detained but were let go afterward.

Now internet sleuths have suggested that Pop Smoke’s address had been leaked somehow. A follower of Smoke posted an instagram snapshot where Smoke made a post showing off his Amiri bags where his address is pretty prominent. The follower suggested someone took the chance and tried to rob him.

Some even suggested that Pop Smoke’s friend Mike Dee had set him up and had him killed. However, Dee cleared his name by making an Instagram post expressing his devastation over Pop Smoke’s death.

Although investigations are still on, Pop Smoke’s family explained that it is unnecessary to come up with such theories, which only adds to the family’s pain and grief.

Rest in peace, Pop Smoke. You will be remembered. Tell us what you think about the theories.

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