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What Will Be The Fate Of Barry After Finding Out About The Mirrorverse? Flash Season 6 Back From Hiatus!!

As of the climax of last week’s episode, Barry has finally learned for sure that Iris was not Iris. Further, now that fake Iris is dead while the real Iris is trapped in a mirror dimension. Meanwhile,  Candice Patton reveals that the whole team is about to go into “overdrive” to save her.

Yes, The details

Candice said that on Iris’ side, she’s got to figure out herself how to get out. Because now Eva’s not in there with Iris, and she’ll find out in the next episode that Camilla’s there. Further, Singh is there, and she’s going to have to do everything she can to get out. And it better happen sooner rather than later.

Further adding that She’s already experiencing the neural dissonance, so we’ll see in the next episode if it gets to be just too much.

Further Revelations

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Meanwhile, Patton couldn’t spoil when exactly we’ll see Iris and Barry reunited.

Patton said that It’s so hard to answer these questions because they weren’t expecting the season to end so soon. So she doesn’t want to give away anything revolving around when we find out when Iris gets out of the mirror verse, so it’ll be interesting. Ahe doesn’t even know how they plan to kind of prematurely wrap up the season.

She has no idea how they make that work, but she hopes they can figure out some kind of way to satisfy the fans, given this unexpected turn of events.

Meanwhile, regardless of when we’ll see Iris get out, it feels safe to say it will happen eventually, and then there will undoubtedly be some work to do.

As of now, fans will have to wait to find out what happens further with Iris in the mirror verse. She may resent Barry for not figuring it out sooner. Also, what course of action will result next?

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