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The Grand Tour Seamen: Fans Choose Their Favourite So Far!!!

Grand Tour has been a favorite amongst the viewers. It is full of comedy, adventure and is quite nice for watching. So, below we bring some of the favorite scenes that fans have loved the most.

Grand Tour season 4

The recent episode of Grand Tour is indeed one of our favorites. It doesn’t include any cars, and the hosts are left on Cambodia. The journey starts, and they have the challenge to sail through Vietnam only from the various rivers that entail Cambodia.

It does seem dangerous and adventurous as they won’t be using the sea, and to be honest, the episode was one of the most viewed by the people.

Colombia Special: Grand Tour Season 3

Who can forget this particular episode? The trio was left in the wilds of South America and was told to become wildlife photographers. The tour from Colombia to the deep jungles was interesting. They discovered villages were people made out with donkeys and even got to view the ruins of Pablo Escobar’s drug kingdom.

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Apart from that, the episode showed us the beauty of Colombia and its rich flora and fauna.

Bolivia Special: Top Gear Season 14

This particular episode marked the beginning of an incredible journey. With only a limited amount of money, the trio went to the heart of the Bolivia rainforest and drove to Chile. They had to face various hurdles, unusually high altitudes, which created problems. The trio also met drug lords on their way, and this was one of the toughest adventures, according to them.

The Grand Tour Millenial

Patagonia: Top Gear Season 22

This episode was one hell of a show. The whole crew had to escape from the angry mob and protestors of Argentina, and they had to run for their lives.

What is the story? Well, the crew had planned to drive from their hotel in West Argentina to a lodge. They had to drive 1600 miles to pay homage to the V8 engine. However, things didn’t go well when people got to know that the car which Jeremy Clarkson is using has the number plate “H982 FKL.” People thought that it made a reference to the Falklands war in 1982, and they started protesting.

If you still haven’t watched this episode, then you need to watch it now.

So, these were some of the episodes that are quite famous amongst the viewers. Do tell us which one is your favorite.

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