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Kristen Wiig Hostel The “SNL At Home Finale” And Had Wig Jokes Up Her Sleeve!

Kirsten Wiig Hosted The Final Episode Of “SNL At Home,” And People Are Still Chortling Over It

Saturday Night Live has managed to keep its audience entertained, despite the halt in further productions and filming of episodes. They came up with “SNL At Home,” an initiative to keep the show going for their fans and the audience while practicing home quarantine.

The celebrities upload videos recorded at their homes. Delivering their monologues on their lives at home, some even entertain the audience with stand-ups, and others cheer and try to uplift the spirits of viewers.

Tom Hanks hosted the first episode. Who delivered an at-home monologue, after which he let the other cast members take control. The NBC sketch comedy show’s third and final edition brought in a former cast member to take part in one of their exclusive episodes. Find out more below.

Kirsten Wiig Got Comfortable And Flashy During The Show’s Finale

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Kristen Wiig delivered her comic monologue at her home while lying on the bed with lit candles around her during SNL At Home, Saturday. Towards the middle of the video, Wiig put on a fancy dress and got flashy. Although, she flashed the camera at the very beginning, followed by a touching mother’s day speech.

She also made some jokes about the holiday and breastfeeding and then offering a plate of chicken breasts. Then offered her thanks to all the mothers who are working tirelessly. Some in hospitals and some at home, to help other people and their own families to get through such tough times.

She then went on to impersonate a vlogger who has some severe volume of her wig(a wordplay on Kristen’s surname, just saying) and even sang a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her.

Towards the end of the video, Wiig tried going back to sleep with her face mask on, thereby concluding one of the strangest seasons ever, of SNL. Tell us what you think of the episode in the comments below.

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