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Katy Perry Has Confessed To Crying While Doing Simple Tasks During Her Pregnancy!

Katy Perry Says It Has Been Tough Coping With Hormonal Transitions During This Lockdown Period

Every woman, during her pregnancy, is subject to hormonal changes that lead to mood swings, which can be hard to cope with. Proper care and rest is necessary, which is why pregnant women need to stay calm and stress-free.

However, it seems like Katy Perry has been having a hard time coping with her hormonal changes. Katy, who is expecting her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom, revealed that it had been a real challenge for her to cope with her mood swings, especially during this time of lockdown. What does she have to say?

Perry Explained Her Pregnancy Cravings And How She Has Been Keeping Herself Busy

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The 35-year-old singer explained that it has been hard to stay at home, especially when she is going through such biological changes. She said that she is used to going out very often and that staying at home for such a long time has been extremely challenging for her.

She also revealed that she has been taking time off for herself amidst the Coronavirus crisis. She said,

“There is not anywhere to go besides my car. So I go to my car a lot.”

Perry and Orlando Bloom have been quarantining together. She has been having serious pregnancy cravings. She revealed on the SHEIN Together Livestream, and her fiance hasn’t been grocery shopping for her.

Perry says,

“I think it’s one of those things where usually in the past you hear stories of a pregnant woman craving something and the husband or fiance goes and rushes to the grocery store at two in the morning.”

Well, you’re not alone in this Katy. We, too, have such expectations, what most people call “unrealistic”.

Tell us how you think Katy Perry could be dealing with this crisis in a better way for her and the baby.

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