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JUST IN Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness To Bring Back A Major MCU Character!!

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness has already created enough chaos amongst the fans. There are chances that many Marvel characters would be returning in this movie. Who are they? Well, here are our guesses.


There are chances that Vision would return in this movie. The movie is going to collab with the Wanda Vision series, thus giving us an insight into the character’s return. But how would he return? There are theories that Wanda might mess up with the Multiverse to bring back Vision.

However, we do expect Vision to return in the movie, which would justify the Wanda Vision series.

Ancient One

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The famous master of mystic arts, “Ancient One,” didn’t have much time in the first movie. However, we saw her in the Endgame, thus hinting us the existence of the Multiverse. We can expect her to make appearances, but we are not sure whether she would return for real though we can see her in sequels.


If Vision is coming back, then so is Quicksilver. Wanda would make sure to bring her brother back to life. Quicksilver appeared in the Age Of Ultron and met with his death in the movie. However, there have been rumors that he might return, and we hope Doctor Strange 2 will bring him back.

However, Quicksilver also plays a major part in the X-Men franchise, so he has to return.

Iron Man

This is a vague theory, and if it doesn’t come true, then don’t kill me for this. I love Iron Man as much as you guys do, and I also wanted a happy ending for him. So, we know that Doctor Strange saw 14 million possibilities, and there are chances that Marvel might explore them, and we might see Tony Stark.

There are chances that Doctor Strange might explore time and encounter a different version of Iron Man.

So, these were our guesses on which characters might return in this movie. To know whether it’s true or not, we have to wait for the film.

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