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Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper’s Relationship Might Grow Even Stronger!

Andy Cohen Revealed That His Son Benjamin And Cooper’s Son Wyatt Are Potential Best Friends

The Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host took to Instagram to answer a few questions that his followers had for him. Some of the questions involved his 15 months old son Benjamin as well. That is how we were informed that Benjamin and Anderson Cooper’s son Wyatt are already close friends.

What had been born through a surrogate on 27th April. One of the fans asked if the two kids will become best friends shortly to which Cohen, 51, replied with a picture of himself, smiling cheerfully with his thumbs up at the camera.

Andy Cohen Has Been Helping Cooper Navigate Through His Experience Of First Time Fatherhood

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Cohen revealed on his Instagram Q&A session that he has been helping Anderson Cooper,52, to get through this initial phase of being a first-time father. The CNN actor and Cohen have been close friends for a long time, and it seems like their kids are following the same footsteps.

Cohen also revealed that he intends to have more children and that Benjamin keeps his hopes high during this lockdown period at home.

In a recent session with the late-night host Stephen Colbert, Cooper said that he is relying on Cohen for baby clothes at the moment. To quote him,

“He’s helped me because my son is entirely wearing hand-me-downs from Andy Cohen’s son. I’m inherently cheap. I like a good value … So, yeah, he just gave me all the clothes.”

Cooper told Colbert that Cohen has been supporting and helping him throughout, ever since the announcement of the arrival of Cooper’s first child.

After Cooper welcomed his baby boy, Cohen revealed on his SiriusXM talk show that the two households are sharing another thing: their nanny! Cohen said that their nanny had left to tend to Cooper’s son, and he is happy about the happy coincidence.

Tell us what you think of the friendship between Benjamin and Wyatt in the commented below!

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