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Shazam Star Zachary Levi Looking Forward To Face Off With Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam!!

The “Shazam” Star Zachary Levi is now looking for a face-off with Dwayne Johnson and Adam. These characters are the all-time rivals in the history of DC comics. Meanwhile, people believe that Black Adam is the symbol of Evil, while Shazam is the symbol of hope and justice.

But Shazam and Black Adam have not appeared on the screen as of now. But Black Adam appeared in a comic show in 2019 by David F. Sandberg.

Dwayne Johnson Announces Black Adam Will Arrive In December 2021 ...

What We Know So Far:

At the beginning of the story, we got some hint of the presence of Black Adam. And we saw Thaddeus Sivana met the wizard as it previously mentioned. However, the hero desired for the vengeance and ultimately released the seven sins.

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But through this course, the show creator has not mentioned anything about the winner. But the remarkable capabilities resemble somehow Black Adam. So fans are guessing the return of Black Adam in the series. However, some tapes have leaked online which provides more bold evidence for the presence of Black Adam.

Zachary Levi Is All Set For The Face-Off:

In a recent Instagram live session, the Shazam Star Zachary Levi owes all his success to Marvel and DC comics. Both the stars have their different worlds. But the Shazam Star was expecting a horrendous face-off between Shazam and Black Adam.

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But the star cleared that both the actors can’t share one banner as the production teams are gearing up for a stand-alone release of Black Adam. He is now expecting a face off in the second season of Black Adam series or third season of Shazam.

Casts Of The Next Season :

As the actors are highly talented, we can expect something positive from the upcoming season. The second instalment will lead by Levi, Asher Angel, and Jack Dylan Grazer. The second instalment had planned for the shoot this summer, but the current pandemic has called off all the possibilities. 

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