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Jaden Smith Is Literally DYING, While Parents Seeking Medical Help

Recently, another sad news has come to our attention. Singer and actor, Jaden Smith, is severely ill due to a lack of nutrition. This is also being an issue for his acting and singing career. And currently, the star-kid is going under medical treatments for his malnutrition.

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Jaden Smith first made an appearance on the big screen in karate Kid along with her father, Will Smith. He later ditched acting career and opted for music. And it is positive to say that the singer is quite good at it. Although he did act in a few movies, nothing worked for him.

But currently, his health is not synchronizing with him. Firstly, Corona and secondly, the disease that is affecting him. Both are sad to hear. Read further to know more about his health.

Could Vegan Diet Be The Issue?

Previously, the star decided to change his diet routines. It all started last year in September when Jaden became all vegan. However, the vegan diet didn’t help his body at all. And it could also be the reason behind his malnutrition. Now, he lacks proteins and vitamins in his body. Currently, he is seeking medical help to treat himself.

His parents, Will Smith and Jada, are, of course, very tense with the situation. They are unhappy by looking at their son, all weak and fragile. When they contacted the doctors, it was revealed that Jaden lacked  Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and Vitamin D.

Annoyed By The Media

Earlier, there were rumors about Jaden suffering from a fatal disease. Jaden felt different while stepping out in the media. He was indeed not happy about it. Especially with everything going in media, Jaden was very annoyed and realized things didn’t turn out the way he wanted to.

He didn’t want to seek medical help earlier, but now things have changed. His parents made him understand the situation, and currently, he is seeking treatment professionally. In short, we hope Jaden recovers soon and start living his life again.

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