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Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘Ultimatum’ Drove Scott Disick To Rehab After Sophia Richie Tipped Him

Kourtney Kardashian is the one who finally managed to get Scott Disick to the rehabilitation facility that he is in now. Kourtney and Scott may be apart now, but Scott does listen to her. After the sudden death of his parents, Scott Disick has been dealing a lot with mental trauma.

He has been dealing this for years now without any escape. Scott is no more with Kourtney Kardashian rather is with Sophia Richie. Both of them had been isolating together. This when Sophia sensed that something was wrong with Scott.

Sophia Sought Help From Kourt

After spending time with Scott, Disick Sohpie came to know about the ghosts haunting him. She, out of concern, got worried. When she was out of means to help him, she knew Kourt would always lend her hand to help her and Scott.

Thus, Sophie resumed to Kourt for taking her advice and getting Scott some help. Well, Kourtney did manage to convince Scott and got him to enroll in rehab.

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Pictures of Scott entering the Edwards, Colorado facility started surfacing just recently. But after some time, Scott checked out of the facility. Scott’s attorney had planned to sue the facility for leaking his pictures.

Scott Didn’t check-In For Alcohol Or Cocaine Abuse.

Marty Singer, Scott Disick’s attorney, later on, confirmed that Scott had not entered the facility to seek any kind of help related to alcohol or cocaine abuse. It was the trauma that he has been dealing with lately with his mother no more and his father dying just three months later.

He needed help with checking his emotional stance. She expressed her contempt on the extreme violation of his privacy.

But now given Kourtney’s ultimatum, Scott Disick has checked in, and we hope he gets the help he needs right now.

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