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The Much Awaited Anime Series Overlord Season 4 To drop Sooner Than Expected

Overlord has been an anime fan favourite. The popular anime streams on Netflix. With three successful seasons, Overlord is yet to be officially renewed for season 4. According to rumours, the series will indeed come with a season 4.

Some believe that new episodes of the anime series will grace our screens soon, but others believe that it will be the other way round. Since no official announcement of renewal has been made, one cannot say for sure which course Overlord is going to take. Well, let’s hope new episodes of Overlord drop soon.

New Episodes May Take Time

Overlord is based on the light novel series written by Kugane Murayama with illustrations by so-bin. Throughout the three seasons of Overlord, the story has been in sync with three light novel instalments per season with 13 episodes.

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But the light novel has only 13 volumes available and with the 14th instalment expected to be out in 2020. Rumour has it that Overlord will over volumes from 10 to 12, but the problem here is that volumes 12 and 13 complete a two-part arc.

If season 4 happens soon, then the makers of the anime will be in an awkward position as they won’t have readily available content for a season 5 of Overlord. The writer of the light novel series is even planning to end it on the 17th volume.

“The Story Continues”

After the end of season 3 of Overlord, fans were left with the message at the end that “the story continues.” But this wasn’t much testimony for a season 4. Then news of an anime conference, Animagic in Germany earlier this year confirming season 4 was again dissed by some fans present at the very conference.

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Until an official announcement or a trailer hits, one cannot say for sure when to expect Overlord Season 4. Let’s hope the fourth season of Overlord happens sooner than later.

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