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Sophia Willis To Reunite With Her Character Sydney In Season 2 Of Sci-Fi Drama I Am Not Okay With This

This show is now coming back for a brand new season for the fans. It is now in the continuation of another coming of age sci-fi tales on the digital platform. The show gained a lot of popularity among its viewers. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting for a brand new season, and they are happy that it is coming.

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The Second Season Release Date

Unfortunately, for the fans, there is no official confirmation about the release date of when it will be released. Although we can also expect that the new season of the show will be coming in 2021, this will be done after the officials have given their announcements for the release date and everything. So, now the only thing that the fans can do is wait for the official news.

The Cast

There is a huge expectation that the original cast will be coming back for season 2. It will be seen that the fan-favorite Sophia Willis will reunite in the role of Sydney though the other members of the principal cast will include actors such as Wyatt Oleff, Sofia Byrant. There is some more cast from the previous season as well who will be coming in.

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But, these are just the expectations from us. There is no official announcement made for any new addition or who will not come for their second season. But, we are hoping that it will soon be revealed for the fans of the show.

The Plot

The second season of the show will mostly pick from the events from the first season of the show. In the brand new season, we will see the encounter between Sydney and this man will be prominent; they both are in the same position. So, we can also see him further her powers and also utilize them.

Also, the fans will be seeing her relationship with her dead father and navigate her relations with her mother as well. But, the fans of the show are worried about the future of the new season as there is no official confirmation.

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