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Writer And Actor Ricky Gervais Says After Life Season 2 Might Resonate More In Coming Times

After Life second season is coming to Netflix later this month for the fans, and now, while we eagerly await for the next instalment, the director has explained some things. The star of the show, and writer, Rick Gervais have told how the series might resonate during the corona-pandemic.

Ricky Opened Up About The Pandemic Situation

When he was chatting to Radio Times, the 58-year-old opened up on the current health crisis. He said that there is always the time for reflecting on family. And this is for all the things that matter in life safety, comfort, and health.

He said all these to the publications. He does not think that there is ever a bad time to do that. It is just we all usually take those for granted. The show is not about now. He thinks that it can resonate more.

The next season will be coming at a more poignant time in history, as thousands of people have lost their lives.

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They have lost their lives and much more loss due to the dangerous virus. As it now stands, over 16,000 people have died from COVID-19. There are more than 120,000 cases which have been confirmed in the United Kingdom alone.

Now, addressing the major crisis, Ricky even recently spoke to some of the sources. There he confessed that he is trying to be even more positive throughout these difficult times. He also sort of feels some social responsibility; he even feels it a lot more.

He Wants To Do More

He said that he wants a lot of stuff for the people in need in society. The actor is even more tweeting. He is trying to be more positive. He said that he is not going to be the Vera Lynn; he wanted the fans to know what he means.

It also comes after Ricky hit out at the number of celebrities who have complained about social media about the holdup.

He replied saying that helping people are doing 14-hours shift and they are not complaining. Wearing masks, and it is being left with sores, after risking their health. They all should be learning something from them.

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