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With Mel Left With A Bold Decision To Make What Will Ahold Her In Season 2 Of Romantic Drama Virgin River?

Virgin River is a popular Netflix romantic drama that revolves around  Melinda “Mel” Monroe. Mel has had a rough patch in her life, and to get it tended she decided to leap of faith.

She resumes to escapism in order t leave behind herself all the pain and sorrow is has been dealing with. But, the past is indeed not that easy to let go. Mel has a real bold decision to make in her life with her in the small town of Virgin River now.

Mel’s New Life In Virgin River

Mel, a widow, decided to leave her past and start a new beginning. She finds an ad of the vacancy of a midwife in a small town in California which goes by the name Virgin River.

The town of Virgin River unfolds newness into the life of Mel. This is from here that Mel sets on a romantic journey after the death of her late husband.

Virgin River season 2 release date | Netflix plot, cast, trailer ...

The series is based on the Harlequin book series by Robyn Carr. The first 10 episode series culminated with a huge fan following.

Now, that Netflix has made the final announcement of a second 10 episode season two of Virgin River, fans are unable to fathom as to where Mel is going to set herself in life and what decisions she will make.

Mel’s Serious Dilemma

With Hope meddling into Jack and Mel’s equation, things are getting really out of hand between them. Mel makes a huge revelation to Jack towards the end of the series with the fact that she can never have kids.

Jack imagines a future with Mel. But, towards the end of season 1, we find Mel packing her stuff and calling Joey. Well, this twists the story and things between Mel and Jack.

Virgin River' Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix – Deadline

At present no official announcement fo the date of release has been made. In addition to this, neither the cast nor any trailer for the coming season has been released yet. Fans are getting restless for the next season for Virgin River.

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