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Will Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Impress The Anime Fans?

Netflix has gracefully ventured into the anime universe with live-action of “Cowboy Bebop”. The original credit for the source goes to the author Hajime Yatate.

The series is receiving direction from Alex Garcia Lopez along with some other famous writers onboard. Another famous personality, i.e. Christopher L Yost, is also writing the project. 

We are indeed very sure that this sci-fi series with brilliant screenplay and the eye-catching cinematic theme is definitely on the list of every anime lover. So let’s get eye-catching series that will impress the fans.

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The Release Date:

The famous manga began its journey back in 1997 and ran till almost 2000 with many ups and downs. The manga soon gained immense popularity. Various adaptations started to rise. The manga, along with its anime adaptations is considered one of the iconic creations of the 90s.

The series was in full flow before an accident of the lead actor John Cho halted the proceedings. The series will resume its filming by July 2020 at various locations of Newzealand and South Africa. As per the reports, the season will have ten episodes, and we can expect it to release by 2021.

 Will, The Anime Fans, Love The Season 1?:

Making an early prediction can be tricky at times. As a fact of past love actions of the hit, animes have not impressed the fans.

But the live-action has a separate fan base of itself. The lack of enthusiasm among the fans can be traced back to the changes or alterations made in the live-action different from the original manga.

But thankfully there is some news for the fans to cheer. The live-action is not going to deviate from the source. The story mostly revolves around the year 2071 when the earth is compromised due to an accident with a hyperspace gateway.

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The inhabitants then move up to other places in the solar system, including the moon. What follows is a group of bounty hunters “Cowboys” who are legalised to restore laws and orders.

The Cast For The Season 1:

The cast of the show consists of -John Cho will play Spike Spiegel, Alex Hassel will play Vicious, and Danielle Pineda as Faye Valentine. Let’s hope that the show can attract the required audience.

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