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The Witcher: 5 Instances When Geralt Causes Serious Trouble

The famous star of The Witcher series, Geralt of Rivia is a quiet unconventional hero. While he is a professional monster hunter, he has gotten into so much more than just killing inhuman creatures for pay. Geralt has pushed himself in massive political conflicts and personal rivalries.

Here are 5 instances where Geralt causes Trouble:

The End’s Beginning episode

The first episode of The Witcher is titled “The End’s Beginning”.  In this episode, Geralt visits the town of Blaviken where he becomes caught up in a conflict between the mage Stregobor and a woman named Renfri.

And the two try to kill each other and to recruit Geralt’s aid. Geralt’s attempts to stop fails badly and after this Geralt is known as the Butcher of Blaviken.

The Witcher: 5 Instances When Geralt Causes Serious Trouble

Letting Jaskier Come Along With Him

When Jaskier first meets Geralt in a tavern, neither is known. Jaskier plays a song where he tries to rhyme “potion” with “abortion,” resulting in the patrons of the tavern throwing food at him.

And this food turns out to be his meal. Further, when Jaskier sees Geralt brooding in the corner, he approaches, introduces himself. And then later accompanies Geralt to help kill a devil terrorising local farmers.

Attending The Banquet

Geralt agrees to go with Jaskier to a banquet honouring the marriage of the Princess of Cintra. All Geralt has to do is bodyguard Jaskier. While being present at the banquet, the witcher gains the notice of the Queen of Cintra.

And then becomes entangled in the politics of the realm after a knight appears claiming that he has the right to marry the princess due to the Law of Surprise. After helping the knight, Geralt is bestowed with a reward. Geralt names the Law of Surprise, thus forever altering his destiny.

The Witcher: 5 Instances When Geralt Causes Serious Trouble

Abandoning his Destiny

The second that Geralt said he would accept the Law of Surprise as payment, the Princess of Cintra reveals she is pregnant. Geralt’s “reward” is the child, who later grows up to by Ciri. Meanwhile, Geralt has no interest in a child, so he turns his back on this responsibility, which through the Law of Surprise, is ordained by destiny. Chaos and tragedy then follow this decision.

The Last Wish

The first book of The Witcher series is entitled The Last Wish. The story from which the book takes its name has Geralt dealing with a Djinn and is recreated in the “Bottled Appetites” episode.

The Witcher: 5 Instances When Geralt Causes Serious Trouble

Keeping with the traditions of Djinni stories, Geralt is granted three wishes. For his final wish, he binds his fate to Yennefer. Had he just stayed with Yennefer or she with him, they would be able to be together without the suffering caused.

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