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Can We Expect Chris Rock’s Spiral To Move Back To Halloween To Thrill Fans?

Here is the Halloween weekend and how can we stop discussing the upcoming movie  “Spiral”. A lot of series and films are opening in mid-July of this year after the situation gets better. On July 24th fans will able to watch Mulan and on 14th August The Wonder Woman 1984 will appear on the silver screen.

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Besides all these some of the biggest blockbusters have changed their release date due to various facts. And Spiral is amongst them who was scheduled to release two months earlier.

The Lionsgate production has put the movie date right after Halloween. The Release Date has shifted from Oct 23rd to 30th October. Fans have understood the Lionsgate strategy to change the release date of the Spiral. Lionsgate always had a different plan for all of its movies. As you can see it in the case of John Wick :3.


Postponing The Release Date Won’t Be A Good Idea:

And some are suggesting that moving the release date of Spiral won’t be a good idea at all. For the last couple of years, Halloween has fallen on Saturday or Friday. And the other factor is the last Halloween earned around  $72.66 million in the opening weekend. So, it is for only one reason that fans were so much curious now.

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Moreover, the production house can make easy earning from the movie.  Yes, if Spiral opened in October and will sink like a stone in November, then it will be because of the franchise. Like the previous saw series earned in its initial release.

It May Not Get That Much Of Success :

It may sound a silly one, but releasing the Spiral on the eve of Halloween represents nostalgic normalcy. In this mad world, no fan will select to watch the Spiral season over the Halloween series on the eve of Halloween.

Therefore, the Spiral release date should get postponed two-three weeks after it’s initial release dates. Moreover, it’s the right thing that the production team now will consider to avoid any loss in the premiering process. 

If the production team considers the above factors, then the release date may change a little bit. And fans can watch it around the end of Halloween week.

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