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What Turns Will The Life Of Rue Take In Season 2 Of HBO’s Teen Drama Euphoria Season 2

With the grand success of Euphoria Season 1, HBO has renewed the series for a second season. The teenage drama is revolving around Rue, who is currently struggling with mental illness and a whole load of issues.

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But the end of season 1 kind of ended on a good. Unlike other TV dramas that leave something on the cliff for a renewal, Euphoria kind of had a lovely concluding season 1. But HBO has indeed announced a season 2 for the series. Fans are hoping that season 2 of the series will deal with Rue more.

Rue’s Transformation In Season 1

In season 1 of Euphoria, we saw a character change of Rue. For most of the first season, Rue was all sober. She was indeed dealing with mental illness, but that did not erode her wit.

At the end of season 1, we find Rue choosing her family over love for Jules. Rue, like a good girl, overcame all her struggles and became a transformed individual.

Things are indeed well with her now. But what if all of this falls apart in season 2 of Euphoria. Well, fans are speculating this possibility.

When Will Euphoria, Season 2 Come?

The official announcement for season 2 of Euphoria has not been made yet. But according to certain sources, it is being said that the filming will start not before next year given the coronavirus pandemic. Fans will have to wait a long wait before they catch hold of season two.

For the supposed cast of season 2, we don’t have much information as no official announcement has been made yet.

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As for more seasons after season 2 of Euphoria, the creators of the show Casey Bloys and creator Sam Levinson are not very positive about more seasons as they cannot pt 30-year-olds as teenagers.

In season 2, Rue will be applying for college and looks like she will be using for a fashion college. It will be some time before we get to show things.

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