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The Much Awaited Tom Holland Starrer Uncharted The Movie To Hit Screens Earlier Than Expected?!

The movie “Uncharted” has gone through a lot of rough patches. The film initially began production back in 2008. Since then, a series of ups and downs has kept them move away from the shores.

There are several reasons for the movie getting delayed. One of them is the frequent changes in the number of directors and scriptwriters. But finally, the film is going to see the light of the day and that too sooner than expected.

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The Probable Release Date:

While the entire world his shivering withe the pandemic, the movie Uncharted is all set to hit the theatres. The previous release date of the film was set for October 8, 2021. Bit as per the latest reports the dates have shifted to July 16, 2021. So we are most likely to see an early release.

The Final Cast And Crew:

After a series of changes, the movie finally landed in the hands of the director Ruben Fleischer. The command of the script is given to Iron Man Fame Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.

And as the main protagonist, we will witness Tom Holland as young Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan. There are some other members as well. Antonio Banderas and Sophia Ali are also on board for the project.

More About Uncharted:

There is no doubt that uncharted is an all-time blockbuster. The movie derives its inspiration from the game franchise by the same name. The famous trilogy marked its presence in the PlayStation 3.

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And the recent follow-up is in the PlayStation 4. The earlier series witnessed Nathan Drake as the protagonist, whereas the recent series marks a female lead, Chloe Frazer. So as fans we keep our hope high for the show coming to the theatres very soon.

As the movie is already delayed by eternity, it will be exciting to see some real raw action.

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