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Entertainer Jamie King Says Season 2 Of Black Summer Is Full Of Unexpected Twists

The show portrays the conditions which are worse than a zombie invasion. Black Summer is a Netflix drama series that follows the lives of people at Z Nation. Fans seem to love the show due to its Zombie involvement. Apart from this, the fans are already getting impatient for season 2. People highly liked the first season, and now fans want the second season.

Without much talking, let’s dive into the article to find out the next season.

What Can We Expect In Season 2? Plot And Other Updates

The plot of the story is quite simple yet very intriguing. The first season features the life of Rose (Jamie King), and we continue into the story through her perspective. Her narration showcases the situations of North America, where a sudden outbreak has occurred. This outbreak is causing people to change into Zombies.

Black Summer Season 2 Coming to Netflix | Collider

Undoubtedly, the show will feature the linear plot in season 2 too, although Jamie King, who plays Rose, suggests that there will be more adventure in this season—making us harder to wait. However, we haven’t received any update on the storyline officially. But we still believe that the show will consist of more twists and thrillers for the audience.

Balck Summer: Release Date And Cast For Season 2

We are unsure about the release date of season 2. But we do know that it is also under the grasp of the COVID-19 outbreak. So, we can expect the second season after everything gets back to normal. Despite all of this, there were rumors that the show has been canceled, but they are just rumors.

Black Summer: season 2 confirmed at Netflix

Meanwhile, it is informed that all the series regular will be reprising their roles in the second season. This means that we will see Jamie King, Chu Cary, and Christine Lee Kyungsun back in the show. Apart from this, there is no confirmation about Williams’s return in the show, so let’s wait until any new update drops.

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