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With The Corona Pandemic Going On Rumors Suggest Bachelor In Paradise Season 7 Maybe Cancelled

The ABC hit Bachelor In Paradise may see its end soon. With The Bachelorette on hold, a rising sun for Bachelor In Paradise seems out fo cards.

Well, no official announcement has been made in this direction. Fans of the reality show may not get a glimpse of the show. The seventh season of the show may get cancelled, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Halts Bachelor In Paradise

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has gone on a standstill. With industries and other manufacturing hubs shutting down, the entertainment industry has not been untouched by its effect.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 7' Release Date, Cast, Plot Details ...

With no cure in hand and quick remedy available. The only way by which we can stay away from this virus is by carrying out social distancing. In a situation like this, filing reality shows is not at all-wise.

Thus, the production of Bachelor In Paradise may be canceled. The show was going to get renewed for its seventh season. But given the present scenario, season 7 of Bachelor In Paradise has become a far fetched dream.

News Around The Bachelor Universe

Well, thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms, news, and drama around the Bachelor Universe have not dried out. Bachelor Nation is kicking of Bachelor In Paradise season 6.5 on our phone screens as celebrities are carrying out their shows via live streaming.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 7, Do We Have A Exact Release Date Yet

“The Quarantine Crew” has gone viral on TikTok as former ormer Bachelorette Hannah Brown and runner up Tyler Cameron ended up quarantining together along with some friends and started this. This has been making news and is full of fun videos.

Tyler and Hannah are putting a couple of content on TikTok. Well, they won’t be coming in the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise as they have found love. All we can now do is wait.

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