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With Dead To Me Season 2 Fast Approaching Here’s The Season 1 Recap

Dead to Me brought audiences on a crazy ride full of unexpected turns and surprises when it debuted in 2019.

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And Season 2 promises to be just as thrilling. But before you hop into the new episodes, you’ll need a short retrieve. This is what happened on Dead to Me Season 1, as a reminder of where the entire show was left off.

Spoiler alert: This article will cover Dead to Me Season 1 activities all over.

The show began shortly after the death of Ted, husband of Jen Harding (Christina Apple gate), who was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run. In her grief, Jen was fixated on trying to track down the driver who killed her husband. She even began to join a support group for those who lost loved ones.

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Where she met Linda Cardellini (Judy Hale), Judy told Jen that she was joining the support group because her fiancé Steve Wood (James Marsden), died of a heart attack. But that soon turned out to be a lie. Because Steve was still alive and Judy admitted that she was mourning a series of miscarriages.

Notwithstanding the lie, a very swift relationship formed between Jen and Judy. This also led Judy to move into Jen’s guest house just days after the two met.

The only thing here was Judy was the one who put Jen’s husband to death. Judy was wracked with remorse over the accidental death. It’s obvious, but her ex Steve was bent on covering up the crime.

While Jen says she never wanted to see Judy again, and Judy is on the verge of suicide. It looks like Season 2 will put the pair back together as they try to cover up Steve’s death.

Of course, the relationship between Jen and Judy is more complicated than ever now that the truth is out. But in the past, at least, the lies between them…

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What’s the return date for Dead to Me season 2?

Netflix announced on April 10 that the series would return to streaming service on Friday, May 8.

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