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Will Netflix’s Selena The Series Be A Perfect Tribute To Selena Quintanilla?!

Selena Quintanilla was called the Tejano queen for a reason. She changed the Mexican folk music forever with her beautiful voice.

Moreover, she had fans from all around the globe. She might be dead, but she is still popular among the many celebrities of Hollywood. Selena was an inspiration to many, both music-wise and fashion-wise.

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Now, Netflix has come up with a series to honour Selena’s life. Different phases of Selena’s life, from birth to her murder will be showcased in the show. After 25 years of her tragic death, Selena’s life will be on the screen in Selena: The Series.

Will The Show Be Able To Do Complete Justice To Selena’s Life?

Well, this is a question that can’t be answered at the moment. Selena’s life has been quite challenging, even though she was super popular and known. Selena was a talented singer since childhood and started performing from an early age.

Sure, she had fame, but Selena faced difficulties, and criticism too. She had trouble with her family when she decided to marry her husband, Chris Perez.

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The show is a tribute to the late Mexican singer, but it will still have some prospects which will differ from the singer’s real life. We can’t say about how the people and hardcore fans of teh singer will react, but we are sure that Netflix won’t let us down.

Release Date Of The Show

Sadly, there is no official date for Selena: The Series as of now. But earlier Netflix informed that the show would have 2 parts, and the first part will release in 2020.

Although due to teh pandemic, the production of the show might be on hold, so we might get the first part in late 2020. Also, the first part will consist of six episodes, of 1-hour each.

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