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What Does Zombie Apocalyptic Drama ‘Black Summer Season 2’ Have In Store For Us?

Zombie Apocalyptic Drama Black Summer Has Been Renewed For Season 2; Find Out More

Over the years, we have had several films about the zombie apocalypse. However, the story doesnt end there. Black Summer is yet another series streaming on Netflix about a wave of zombie attacks on the Z Nation, which is quite similar to the story of the Zombie Nation.

The American drama series first aired in April 2019 and has amazed fans with its gripping storyline. The show has grown to be quite popular among the audience and is quite frequently streamed.

Black Summer Season 2 Coming to Netflix | Collider


Now, the season 1 finale if Black Summer has fans wondering whether season 2 is on its the way with an exceedingly compelling plot.

Although the release of season 2 had been announced in 2019 itself. Its filming doesn’t seem viable at the moment due to the Coronavirus crisis worldwide. However, we might have some insight as to what season 2 has in store.

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She was created by Karl Schaefer And John Hyams, the plot of Black Summer centres zombies. It also focuses on a family, Rose, her husband and her daughter, who prepare to escape their home and be transported to a stadium where they will be considerably more protected.

However, things go south when Rose’s husband is pulled out of the group and abandoned while their daughter is taken away. Rose witnesses her husband turn into a zombie while she makes attempts to head towards the stadium to rescue her daughter.

The plot of Black Summer season 2 is something we are still in the dark about. However, actor Jaime King has revealed that season 2 is under making. And whatever the fans are expecting will happen, will not. Although very vague, this revelation has surely made fans ecstatic.

The cast of Black Summer season 2 will possibly, once again, witness the actors of the previous season reprise their roles.

Jaime King will reprise her role as Rose. Along with her, we are expecting Justin Chu Cary, Mustafa Alabssi, Nyren B. Evelyn, Erika Hau, Edison Morales, Aidan Fink, Kash Hill and others to return as well. Season 2 is expected to release in late 2020, provide the show isn’t delayed further.

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