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Show Creator Warren Ellis Confirms That Castlevania Season 4 Won’t Be Delayed Due To Pandemic!

Castlevania is one of the most famous online video gaming streaming. With their last three series of Castlevania’s all the seasons, it has broken all the records. Now, the upcoming season 4 is coming on the screen.

In the very last seasons, the fight scenes were loved by the audience, and now the fans are curious about the fourth season.

Renewal And The Release Of Season 4

The online streaming service Netflix has confirmed that the popular animated series will be coming back for the fourth season. The end lies possibilities that season 4 will make the fans very excited.

Warren Ellis, who is the creator of the show, released the third season in March. This also means that it will be a while before the fourth season is released.

Castlevania Season 4: Every Update On Its Netflix Arrival Inside

The show has gained a lot of popularity, and the fans are asking about the fourth season. Some of them are even expecting Netflix to confirm if there will be a fifth season.

This show has also crossed the expectation, which is the reason why the release date is being eagerly waiting for.

No official date has been set for the fourth season release. But, the fans can expect it to be released this year itself. Now following the patterns of their releases, then we can say that the fourth season will be released in another 16 months.

However, it is hard to determine because the production is delayed due to the spread of corona-virus.

The Plot Of Season 4

The show follows the world where humans and vampires try to co-exist. The main characters are Trevor and Sypha who keep humanity and the vampires safe. Another essential character the show has is Adrian Tepes, who is also known as Alucard.

Everything We Know About'Castlevania' Season 4 So Far

The very last season ended a very little differently than their previous ones. It ended with Alucard returning to his castle wondering if he was going to be banished from the land. Will he be now forced to live out his life in the castle, just the same as his father.

We will find out in the upcoming season.

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