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Thanos Creator Hints We Might See A Younger Version Of The Mad Titan In Marvel’s Upcoming Venture The Eternals

Well, fans of the supervillain, Thanos has some news in store for them. The Mad Titan’s childhood is likely to be sported soon. Well, this will indeed be fun. A young Thanos being all crooked is something we had not imagined till now. But the creator of the famous fictional character is now hinting that we may see him in his younger days.

Jim Starlin Hints A Young Thanos

Jim Stalin, the creator of Thanos, has hinted the portrayal of a young Thanos in next year’s Eternals. For those of us who thought that we would not have to see the face of Thanos again, well, you have news in store for you. Even though, Thanos was all done in Avenger: Endgame, we will get to catch more of him.


Many sacrificed their lives for putting n end to this world-famous villain, including the Iron Man. But, Marvel fans need to ignite that flame of heat once again and brace themselves for what’s approaching next.

“The Story’s Not Completely Ended”

“Well, I understand that the story’s not entirely ended. They’ve already announced that. I think a young Thanos appears in the upcoming The Eternals. I remember reading that somewhere that they made a shit load of money off this guy.

So I don’t see them retiring him anytime soon. Comic book characters tend to have an extended lifespan beyond the actors who work on them. I’m half expecting to see much more Thanos down the line,” said Starlin while in an interview.


Marvel was previously exploring the past life of Thanos. It will be enjoyable to get something about the backstory of Thanos and his past journey. The things that led him to do what he did. Now, we have much testimony that all of this is on the cards. All we have to do is wait for the next year.

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