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Netflix Assures That We Will Be Getting Season 2 Of Unbelievable!! But Do We Actually Need Season 2?!

Unbelievable is one of the best series on Netflix. As its name suggests, the series showed an unbelievable and powerful story over eight episodes. The show took the viewers by storm when it was first released on Netflix in September 2019.

Unbelievable is based on horrifying real events of sexual assault. The show also took on the controversial topic of the difference in gender experiences. If you haven’t seen the show, we strongly advise you to view it.

The creators made Unbelievable a piece of art, so the fans are asking for another season. So the question is, will we get to see another season of Unbelievable. However, do we need another season Of Unbelievable, since the show based on a real event? Let’s find out the answer.

Do We Need Season 2 Of Unbelievable?

Netflix Unbelievable Showrunner Has Different Plans For Season 2

In an interview, showrunner Susannah Grant revealed that there was never any intention to make a second season of the show. The creators never wanted to extend the show beyond the eight episodes of the first season.

The first season told a clear and compelling story, and it was complete in itself. So, there is no scope for the show to return, and it should not return.

However, if the creators want the series to continue, then they might have to turn the series into an anthology. That said, it is highly unlikely for Unbelievable to return for a second season.

What Was There In Unbelievable Season 2?

The True Story Behind the Netflix Series'Unbelievable' | Time

Unbelievable takes a cue from the real-life story of 18-year-old Marie of Lynnwood, Washington. She was raped in her home by an intruder. Hours after the horrifying events, she files a police report. But the detectives investing the case and her foster parents doubt her story.

The detectives investigating her case forced her to withdraw the report. The same detectives charged her with filing a false case report when she recanted.

Detective Grace Rasmussen and Detective Karen Duvall meet while scrutinizing some similar cases in Colorado. The similarities between the cases made them think they may be chasing a serial rapist.

The rest of the story focuses on their journey to catch the serial rapist to bring him to justice and how Marie copes with the aftermath of her rape.

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