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CW’s ‘The Flash’ To Bring Back Two Major Characters From Season 1 Reveals Sources

Finally, the popular show is going to address the Godspeed mystery in “The Flash” Season 6’s Episode 18. The synopsis for the eighteenth episode is out, and it looks like Barry faces the Godspeed. Yes, the show is bringing Godspeed and Pied Piper back for the fans.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “The Flash” Season 6.

The details you want to know.

The season 6 premiere episode featured Barry going after Godspeed. When he managed to catch him, he found out that Godspeed was mute and only emitted a high frequency. Meanwhile, according to the synopsis, Godspeed will make a comeback. And, Barry approaches Hartley Rathaway for help.

CW’s ‘The Flash’ To Bring Back Two Major Characters From Season 1 Reveals Sources

However, things go south after Barry learns something important. It is revealed that post-Crisis, The Flash and, Pied Piper are foes.

Meanwhile, Grant Gustin, who portrays Barry, spoke with Entertainment Weekly and confirmed that in “The Flash” Season 6’s Episode 18, fans would see a change due to the Crisis witnessed.

The actor said that It’s an episode where they are going to see some changes because of the Crisis.  And Hartley Rathaway, who plays the Pied Piper, is going to be back on our screens.

Further Details

Elsewhere, in the “God Friended Me,” episode the Pied Piper was seen, and it was revealed that the Team Flash ally went back to his older ways after the Crisis. Meanwhile, Episode 18 is likely to build more upon this plot, and the new dynamics between Hartley and Barry will be seen.

CW’s ‘The Flash’ To Bring Back Two Major Characters From Season 1 Reveals Sources

Gustin also revealed in the interview above that Hartley isn’t a friend when he comes back. But Barry’s going to need to find a way to reconnect with Hartley and try to fix what ‘Crisis’ changed.  And further, stop Godspeed, and try to save the city.

Furthermore, Episode 18 of “The Flash” Season 6 will also show Iris trying to get out of the Mirrorverse.

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