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Co Writer Joe Thompson Reveals We Won’t Be Getting Season 2 Of ‘Feel Good’ Until 2021

Netflix and Channel 4’s ‘Feel Good’ Series Is The Hot Topic Right Now And We Can’t-Wait For Season 2! When Does It Air?

Feel Good premiered on Channel 4 in March 2020, and Netflix followed. The series has grown quite popular among the audience and was quite well received by critics and fans alike. IMDb rated it a 7.6/10 and Rotten Tomatoes rated it at a 100%.

The series has a total of six episodes in season one and deals with themes like drug abuse, rehabilitation, need for acceptance, love and the complexities of life. Season 1 has the audience hooked and asking for more.

Co Writer Joe Thompson Reveals We Won’t Be Getting Season 2 Of ‘Feel Good’ Until 2021

The obvious question that stands now is whether we will have a second season of ‘Feel Good’. Well, the answer is maybe. Given the global crisis due to Coronavirus, all businesses have been shut down, including entertainment.

Hollywood has been shut down, and people all over the globe are in-home quarantine, including actors. Thus, the production and filming of a second season anytime soon is out of the question. But, if they do get to filming a second season, what should we expect?

Feel Good Season 2: Plot, Release Date, Cast; All The Details You Must Have Before Its Release

Co Writer Joe Thompson Reveals We Won’t Be Getting Season 2 Of ‘Feel Good’ Until 2021

The show revolves around Mae Martin, formerly a drug addict who is trying to recover from her addiction while at the same time, struggles to form a romantic relationship with her girlfriend George. However, George had been heterosexual in the past.

We dont have much on the plot of Feel Good season 2 but guessing from season 1 finale where Mae hasn’t revealed much about herself to her girlfriend; we can expect a plot twist from therein. Rest if the creators will eventually disclose the details.

The cast of Feel Good season 2 will feature the actors and characters from season 1 itself. Mae Martin will reprise her role as Mae, Charlotte Richie as George, Lisa Kudrow as Mae’s mother Linda, Sophie Thompson as Mae’s sponsor Maggie. Phil Burger’s as George’s flatmate Phil. Season 2 of Feel Goodwill possibly release in early 2021.

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