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UPDATE Jaime King All Set To Return As Rose In Season 2 Of Black Summer

Are you excited for the 2nd season of Black Summer? So are we!! Even Jaime King is excited to play the role of Rose for Black Summer season 2!!!

Season 2 updates

Talking about the recent updates for Black Summer, we don’t have any updates. The things which we know till now is that, Netflix has not yet stated any release date for the 2nd season.

What is the renewal status? The renewal status of Black Summer is in process. The showrunners are waiting for the green signal from Netflix. Though Netflix has stated that the show will return, so we can relax.

UPDATE Jaime King All Set To Return As Rose In Season 2 Of Black Summer

For now, we cannot expect any release date due to the pandemic. Though the production had started, there will be a delay, and we have to wait for more news.

Furthermore, there will be no change in the cast. We can expect the original cast to return for the 2nd season. Jaime King will return as Rose and so will Justin Chu Cary, reprising his role as Spears.

The storyline for the 2nd season

As we know that Black Summer is the story of a zombie apocalypse, we can expect some more thrill in the 2nd season.

In the last season, we saw Rose embarking on a journey with Spears and squad to the infected zombie area, to find her daughter. Though she finds her daughter in the end, she is now trapped in the zombie land and has no way out. However, Spears and the rest of the squad are also there with her, but the trouble is on its way.

UPDATE Jaime King All Set To Return As Rose In Season 2 Of Black Summer

To add more to the misery, a tsunami had appeared in the 1st season, and we can expect it to hit in the new season. Meanwhile, Rose and the squad needs to find a way out and mainly. They need to survive. Will they survive the apocalypse? Are there any new characters in the form of trouble, waiting for them? We will know that soon.

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