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Rue’s Story Isn’t Over Yet Confirms Creator Sam Levison And Lead Actress Zendaya

Yes, you heard that, right! Rue’s story has not ended yet. We are here with all the latest updates about Euphoria that you cannot miss!!!

Is there another season of Euphoria?

Yes, there is another season of Euphoria, and we cannot be happier!! The first season was premiered in 2019, and in the same year, HBO renewed for another season. The series has gained a lot of fame and fans loved the story. Lead actress Zendaya had even stated about the renewal status in her social media account.

Rue’s Story Isn’t Over Yet Confirms Creator Sam Levison And Lead Actress Zendaya

Furthermore, we cannot expect the 2nd season to premiere any time sooner. It is for sure that the 2nd season of the series is not going to follow the release pattern of the previous season. So, when will it release? We can expect the 2nd season in late 2020. Recently in a red carpet interview, Zendaya stated that the filming for the 2nd season has not yet started.

“I literally can’t wait. I just want to get back to it. I miss it,” stated the actress, who is portraying the character of Rue.

What will be the storyline for the 2nd season?

For the 2nd season, we can expect lots of surprises. As Zendaya and showrunner Sam Levison stated that the story of Rue has not yet ended, we can expect Rue to return. Yes, Rue is not dead, though, in the season finale, we saw her collapsing. She will return.

Rue’s Story Isn’t Over Yet Confirms Creator Sam Levison And Lead Actress Zendaya

We can expect the 2nd season to be about Rue’s struggles and addiction and how she is going to face it. Meanwhile, we can even expect some new characters in the show. There will be Darian, Ray, and Ami in the 2nd season, each with a different story. All 3 of them are teens and will be joined by Serena, a lady in her 50s with her mysteries and a dynamic woman.

However, when we saw Rue choosing her family instead of Jules, it left us shocked. The protagonist decided to remain with her family instead of her friendship and then relapsed. What will happen to other characters? We will get to know about it soon.

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