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Showrunner Mae Martin Says They Have Plans For Renewing Comedy Drama Feel Good Season 2!!

Feel Good is a British comedy-drama based on the life of comedian Mae Martin. Moreover, Mae Martin herself plays her character in the show. We see Martin trying to recover from her drug addiction. Apart from this, she is also trying to control her intense romanticism, which spread throughout her life.

The show came out in March 2020. Mae Martin and Joe Hampson are the creators of the show. With only six episodes out as of now, the show has gained quite an audience. And the fans are now wondering about season 2. Read further to find out everything you need to know about season 2.

Release Date And Cast For Season 2.

Although the show is still very new, it was set to release next year in March. But the production is on hold due to teh ongoing pandemic. However, the release date has been pushed forward. And we can expect the show to come put in late 2021 or early 2022.

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The show stars, Mae Martin (Mae), Charlotte Richie (George), Riya Arya (Lava), and Lolly Adefope (Horence). Besides, Sindhu Vee (Karen), Tom Andrews (Kevin), Phil Burgers (Phil), and Tom Durant Pritchard (Hug) also star in the show.

Feel Good: Expected Plot For Season 2

We saw Mae and Geoge expressing their feeling towards each other in season 1. They accepted their relationship gladly. Thus, we will witness the new couple exploring their relationship.

The couple will be seen understanding each other, supporting each other, and accepting each other for what they are. We will see both George and Mae juggling between their love and professional life. In short, the couple will try to balance their love lives to live peacefully.

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In season 2, we can also expect to see George and Mae visiting Canada. Canada is Mae’s hometown. Besides, In season 1, Mae’s mother keeps asking her to come home, so there is a slight possibility. We might get a chance to look back at Mae’s early life too.

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